UNR Public Statement:

Why We Stand in Solidarity with the Amazon

September 5, 2019


Uprooted & Rising is a movement for food sovereignty that is standing up against Big Food and white supremacy in the food system and calling on higher education to stop upholding these harmful agendas that have become status quo.

The burning of the Amazon is driven by the greed of the Brazilian government and multinational corporations. Agribusiness companies including Cargill and JBS are taking over Indigenous lands and clearing the rainforest for industrial meat and soy production. We don’t need extraction, exploitation and imperialism in order to eat! We stand alongside Indigenous leaders and peasants in Brazil and call for food sovereignty - we call for it in solidarity and for ourselves. And we call on all institutions of higher ed to cut their ties with the Big Food companies that are fueling the fires in the Amazon. Defend Ancestral Lands!

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